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BFD archives

12.14.06 Chicago Tribune: Airline mergers
12.22.06 The Denver Post: Airport closed
12.24.06 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lighting up Christmas
12.26.06 The State: James Brown dies
12.27.06 The Grand Rapids Press: Gerald Ford dies
12.28.06 Savannah Morning News: Honoring Gerald Ford
12.29.06 The Denver Post: More snow for Denver
12.30.06 The Chicago Tribune: Saddam Hussein executed
12.31.06 The Orange County Register: Top 10 stories of 2006
01.01.07 The Decatur Daily: Iraqi death toll reaches 3,000
01.02.07 Rocky Mountain News: Football player shot
01.03.07 The Times-Picayune: Jail-bound cops
01.04.07 Rocky Mountain News: Colorado snow storm
01.05.07 Chicago Sun Times: Nancy Pelosi
01.07.07 The Orange County Register: Mark McGwire
01.08.07 RedEye: How thin is too thin?
01.09.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Going to Mars
01.10.07 Pioneer Press: Politicians on Iraq
01.11.07 Rocky Mountain News: Iraq war
01.12.07 Philadephia Daily News: Radio station firings
01.13.07 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Missing boys found
01.14.07 The Times-Picayune: Saints' victory
01.15.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Martin Luther King Day
01.17.07 Rocky Mountain News: Apartment fire
01.18.07 Star-Telegram: Snow daze
01.19.07 The Gazette: Apartment fire aftermath
01.20.07 Poughkeepsie Journal: Homicide mystery
01.21.07 Sun Journal: School cutbacks
01.22.07 The Telegraph: AFC Championship
01.23.07 Link: Women are safer drivers
01.24.07 Hartford Courant: State of the Union address
01.25.07 Akron Beacon Journal: MySpace
01.26.07 Erie Times-News: Wreck on I-90
01.27.07 Beaver County Times: Faces from Iraq
01.28.07 South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Concealed weapons law
01.29.07 The Spokesman-Review: Figure skating
01.30.07 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Cafeteria car crash
01.31.07 The Oregonian: Grads find work
02.01.07 Winston-Salem Journal | January's Best BFD
02.02.07 San Francisco Chronicle: Mayor's mea culpa
02.03.07 St. Petersburg Times: Florida storm
02.04.07 Knoxville News Sentinel: Super Bowl preview
02.05.07 RedEye: Super Bowl
02.06.07 Reading Eagle: Falling temperatures
02.07.07 Orlando Sentinel: Wacky astronaut
02.08.07 The Kansas City Star: Downtown explosion
02.09.07 Lincoln Journal Star: Death-obsessed gravestone grabber
02.10.07 Newsday: Florida storm survivors
02.11.07 The Palm Beach Post & Sun Journal
02.12.07 Chicago Sun-Times: 4 kids dead
02.13.07 Philadelphia Daily News: Navy Yard massacre
02.14.07 The Salt Lake Tribune: Shooting aftermath
02.15.07 Detroit Free Press: Chrysler on the block?
02.16.07 Winston-Salem Journal: FDA and Big Tobacco
02.17.07 Daily Press: Subs for less
02.18.07 The Orange County Register: The end.
02.20.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Women protect your hearts
02.21.07 Reading Eagle: What went wrong?
02.22.07 Republican American: Deadly explosion
02.23.07 The News&Observer: Fires claim lives
02.24.07 Winston-Salem Journal: Officer killed
02.25.07 Sunday Post-Dispatch: Lambert Field
02.26.07 Bradenton Herald: Kidnapping for money
02.27.07 Sun Herald: Northrop showdown near
02.28.07 OC Post: Stock drop
03.01.07 Richmond Times-Dispatch: Red-light runners | February's Best BFD
03.02.07 The Des Moines Register: Storm smacks state
03.03.07 The Lima News: Ohio bus crash
03.04.07 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Bus crash folo
03.05.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Daily Savings Time
03.06.07 The Kansas City Star: Army can't be trusted
03.07.07 Republican American: Libby verdict
03.08.07 OC Post: Gas prices
03.09.07 AM New York: Bronx fire
03.10.07 The Des Moines Register: Oh, the glory
03.11.07 The Colubus Dispatch: New man, new plan
03.12.07 RedEye: March madness
03.13.07 Philadelphia Daily News: Bumbling bagman
03.14.07 Kitsap Sun: Fire kills girl
03.15.07 The Wichita Eagle: Gang violence
03.16.07 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Madigan blows whistle
03.18.07 Des Moines Sunday Register: Effective use of short form
03.19.07 The State: Budgets and taxes
03.20.07 Lawrence Journal-World: A scar on Kansas
03.21.07 The Bakersfield Californian: Grand Canyon
03.22.07 Daily Press: Bad loans
03.23.07 The Des Moines Register: So long, Steve.
03.24.07 News Sentinel: Window washer rescued.
03.25.07 The Sunday Enterprise: What's killing our children
03.26.07 The Commercial Appeal: Blue Menace
03.27.07 The Detroit News: Farewell
03.28.07 The State: Prostitution ring alleged
03.29.07 Houston Chronicle: Office inferno
03.30.07 The Bakersfield Californian: Fantastico
03.31.07 Saturday Times: I'm sorry
04.01.07 The Kansas City Star: Police capture KC's top fugitive | March's Best BFD
04.02.07 Philadelphia Daily News: Wish kids
04.03.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Climb aboard!
04.04.07 Chicago Sun-Times: Hello, Dalia
04.05.07 tbt: Mammogram mess
04.06.07 The Wichita Eagle: Huggins leaves
04.07.07 The State: Million-dollar fraud
04.08.07 Chicago Sun-Times: Cardinal hurt
04.09.07 The Tampa Tribune: It's tax time
04.10.07 Link: Silicone or saline?
04.11.07 Rocky Mountain News: A racial divide
04.12.07 Philadelphia Daily News: Smeared
04.14.07 Philadelphia Daily News: Rapper rouses FOP fury
04.15.07 Corpus Christi Caller-Times: Eyes on the future
04.17.07 Link: Everybody's wondering
04.18.07 The Virginian-Pilot: In memory of
04.19.07 RedEye: 15 ways to save the planet
04.20.07 Link: Hokie nation
04.22.07 Centre Daily Times: Support in sorrow
04.23.07 Link: Hip hop in a holy light
04.25.07 Philadephia Daily News: Taking a run at Tom Knox
04.26.07 Philadephia Daily News: Between Iraq and a hard place
04.29.07 Sun Journal: Another side of Brent Matthews
04.30.07 The Kansas City Star: Mall shootings leave three dead
05.01.07 The Virginian-Pilot | April's Best BFD
05.03.07 The State: National day of prayer
05.04.07 Rocky Mountain News: Flats workers
05.06.07 The Salt Lake Tribune: Nightlife
05.07.07 The Salt Lake Tribune: Devoted educators
05.08.07 The Gainesville Sun: Fires rage
05.10.07 Cecil Whig: What else?
05.13.07 Erie Times-News: Mother's day
05.14.07 The Tampa Tribune: Stamp prices are going up
05.15.07 The State: Herring's story challenged
05.16.07 The Bakersfield Californian: Killer faces death
05.18.07 RepublicanAmerican: Lights out on I-84
05.20.07 The State: Crossing a great divide
05.21.07 Rocky Mountain News: Conquering Colfax
05.22.07 OC Post: Graduation
05.23.07 RepublicanAmerican: Capt. John Keane
05.24.07 Chicago Sun-Times: Inside
05.25.07 Rocky Mountain News: He's home
05.27.07 The Orange County Register: Natural or surgical
05.29.07 The State: Who kills a child?
05.30.07 RepulicanAmerican: Simply stunning
05.31.07 The Salt Lake Tribune: Jazz high
06.01.07 May's Best BFD: RepublicanAmerican
06.03.07 The Kansas City Star: Common profile
06.05.07 RedEye: Paris
06.06.07 RedEye: Food fight
06.08.07 Link: Dive in
06.09.07 RedEye: Sopranos
06.11.07 Philadelphia Daily News: The real cost of crack
06.12.07 San Antonia Express-News: From hero to suspect
06.13.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Portsmouth's vision
06.15.07 Link: Father's Day
06.17.07 The Telegraph: Why they ride
06.18.07 The State: 3 days & 3 issues
06.19.07 Lincoln Journal Star: Debate comes to the forefront
06.21.07 Daily Press: Showdown over a slowdown
06.24.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Sunday
06.26.07 The Salt Lake Tribune: A brazen killing
06.27.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Oh my God
06.28.07 Philadelphia Daily News: Who beat her?
06.29.07 Link: The rat
07.01.07 The State: A beach out of reach
07.03.07 Rocky Mountain News: Big gun drawn in Iowa
07.08.07 The Virginian-Pilot: We kill ourselves
07.10.07 RedEye: The N word
07.11.07 Star-Telegram: Harry Potter
07.12.07 Star-Telegram: Lady Bird Johnson
07.13.07 The Virginian-Pilot: You do the math
07.15.07 Sunday Republican: Fighting to live
07.16.07 The Tampa Tribune: Changing ways
07.18.07 RedEye: Scantily clad politics
07.22.07 The Frederick News-Post: Monopoly
07.24.07 Link: Ethanol plant
07.26.07 Link: Fat
07.29.07 Sunday Sun-Times: Two ways out
07.31.07 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Remembering three innovators
08.01.07 July's Best BFD: The Tampa Tribune
08.02.07 Daily News: Minnesota bridge collapse.
08.05.07 Sunday Plain Dealer: Import safety
08.07.07 Philadephia Daily News: One wife too many?
08.09.07 Philadephia Daily News: Raped by the system
08.12.07 The State: Six fatal shootings
08.14.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Drivers come south
08.19.07 The Tampa Tribune: Book-smart
08.21.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Vick guilty
08.26.07 Sun-Sentinel: The New South Florida
08.30.07 The State: Gamecocks preview
08.31.07 The Kansas City Star: Economic growth package
09.01.07 The State: August's Best BFD
09.05.07 The Orange County Register: Blackouts hit O.C.
09.09.07 Chicago Sun Times: Barack Obama
09.12.07 Link: Calling 1,000 voices
09.14.07 The Virginian-Pilot: Power play
09.18.07 Link: One night only
09.20.07 The Virgnian-Pilot: Ease up!
11.09.08 Hartford Courant: Election map
11.10.08 Ventura County Star: Food bank
11.11.08 Wyoming Tribune Eagle: Ski in style
11.12.08 San Jose Mercury News: Mortgage meltdown
11.13.08 Las Vegas Sun: Truth about our taxes
11.14.08 Omaha World Herald: Safe haven
11.15.08 The Patriot Ledger: Still getting off easy
11.17.08 Chicago Sun-Times: Ouch!
11.18.08 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: El MVP
11.19.08 SunHerald: A life well lived
11.20.08 Daily News: Jet-pooled
11.21.08 The Kansas City Star: Markets yield bad numbers
11.24.08 The Virginian-Pilot: Tornado
11.25.08 Chicago Tribune: Obama's money team
11.26.08 Star-Telegram: Fewer people fly
11.28.08 Redeye: Equality
11.30.08 Sunday World Herald: We remember
12.01.08 The Bakersfield Californian: In the clear
12.02.08 The Plain Dealer: Anderson's season over
12.03.08 The Orange County Register: Running on empty
12.05.08 Wyoming Tribune Eagle: When you smile
12.07.08 The State: S.C. foreclosures
12.09.08 Rocky Mountain News: Bad, getting worse
12.10.08 Chicago Sun-Times: Shame
12.11.08 Redeye: Blago-gate
12.12.08 The Seattle Times: Viaduct replacement
12.14.08 Duluth News Tribune: National champs!
12.16.08 Chicago Sun-Times: Blago
12.17.08 Redeye: $19.99
12.18.08 The Spokesman-Review: Snowbound
12.19.08 The Spokesman-Review: We're in deep
12.23.08 Casper Star Tribune: 532,668
12.24.08 Rocky Mountain News: A star, a star
12.28.08 The Orange County Register: Top stories of '08
12.31.08 Chicago Tribune: A defiant pick
01.04.09 Chicago Sun-Times: Here's my list
01.06.09 The Virginian-Pilot: Community grieves
01.08.09 Redeye: Is racism dead?
01.11.09 Chicago Tribune: Burris
01.13.09 Wyoming Tribune Eagle: More people are drinking and driving
01.18.09 Pioneer Press: Obama
01.21.09 Newsday: Inauguration
01.25.09 The Virginian-Pilot: 5 died on his watch
01.30.09 Wyoming Tribune Eagle: Thrown out
02.01.09 Beaver County Times: Super bowl
02.07.09 Philadelphia Daily News: Octuprobe
02.13.09 The Indianapolis Star: Valentine's Day
02.19.09 Rocky Mountain News: A hand for homeowners



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